The new Wolverine skin will appear in Fortnite thanks to the new Crew. Presentation of the skin, backpack and pickaxe

Yesterday, Epic revealed the new Fortnite Crew, which will be added to the game soon. This is a new Wolverine skin.

On August 1, people who pay for the Fortnite Crew will receive a special Wolverine skin in the game. As standard, as it happens with the Crew, the set also includes a pickaxe and a backpack. In addition, you can count on V-Bucks and a loading screen.

Fortnite August Crew Pack, V-Bucks, and Battle Pass

What does this skin look like in the game?

Leakers have already shown what this skin looks like directly in the game:

Is it worth buying? Of course, Wolverine fans will recognize that it is. Everyone else will think a bit longer on that. The skin is quite “big” and massive. Currently, players tend to choose the smaller skins.