The Fortnite server starts to burn when players build too much. What happens then?

Fortnite servers have their limitations, some of them have interesting effects.

Is it possible for a Fortnite match to start lagging because players built too much? Of course. However, it is extremely rare, virtually unheard of. Mainly because there are no matches where 90-100 people constantly build.

Therefore, in the past, the players themselves did tests of what happens when the server stops functioning normally due to too many buildings created. Interestingly, players aren’t kicked out of the game at all.

When the server stops working

When there are too many buildings, the server stops registering them properly. People get lagged in the air, fall under the map, very strange things are happening in general. It looks very unnatural.


It also comes to the fact that the map and the storm itself are buggy. The HUD stops and the minimap shows no more storm circles. At some point, players are simply eliminated without the presence of a storm. This one is simply not displayed. LazerBeam achieved this effect some time ago.


Under normal circumstances, something like this is practically impossible to happen. This requires at least a few dozen people who will be involved in acquiring resources and building throughout the match.