Tactical Sprint will be a new movement mechanic in Fortnite. What is it going to be about?

Epic is working on another, new mechanic related strictly to movement.

It would seem that “slide” is all that you can expect from Fortnite in terms of movement. And yet, the developers are already working on something new, what has been called “Tactical Sprint” for now.

It is not known when it will be introduced, but it is rather not a matter of a few weeks, but more of a few updates. Similar to the slide, it was a good few months before it was introduced.

What is the tactical sprint?

The tactical sprint according to leaks is to be closely related to running on hills, more specifically running down from them. As HYPEX writes:

So Epic wants to add some mobility to Fortnite again, this time not with items, but mechanics related to running. Sounds interesting, the question is what will actually come of it.