Skin in Fortnite unlikely to return to the store again due to controversy

In the world of Fortnite, there are several different skins that at some point stopped appearing in the store. This is one of them.

This type of situation is not very common, but it happens nonetheless. Players noticed that a skin, which in theory was supposed to appear a while ago, was finally not available. This is the second time Epic has simply omitted it.

This naturally aroused the interest of the community, which began to look harder into the matter. A clue was found as to why Epic chose not to add this skin to the store rotation.

This skin is not coming back?

It may be another skin that will no longer appear in the store. Naturally, these are just speculations of players and not necessarily true.

In any case, it’s been a year since Eddie Brock was available for purchase last time. Why? The reason may be the recent controversy surrounding this skin. It is known that Epic prefers to avoid this kind of thing:

So Eddie Brock may be one of those rare skins that won’t appear in the store anymore. That would be quite surprising because probably no one bought him with the idea that they would have something unique.