Skin, backpack and pickaxe that only some Fortnite players will get. Again, only one platform

Once again, Epic will award Fortnite players with free items. Unfortunately, not everyone will get them.

This is another collaboration between Fortnite and Playstation. Those who have a paid Playstation Plus package will receive three cosmetic items. At this point, it is not yet known when, but it will probably happen within a few days.

The package is very interesting and will certainly be in demand. To get it, of course, you need to have a Sony console and paid PS+. You can activate it from the trial period for free.

Skin, backpack, and pickaxe

There are three items to pick up. The most interesting, of course, is the skin. It’s still relatively early, so there are no exact pictures of the lobby, but the skin looks as follows:

It also comes with a backpack and a pickaxe.

These items of cooperation between Epic and Sony always stir up a lot of excitement. Here we simply have a situation where two big companies are working together, and apparently both sides are profitable.