Officially, update 19.10 will appear in Fortnite tomorrow. Tilted Towers are coming back?

After 5 weeks of waiting, the new update is finally coming to Fortnite.

All Fortnite players have had enough of the small updates. After much speculation and guesswork, Epic finally took pity and announced a new update. This one will appear today.

It’s also worth mentioning that Epic is generally a lot further when it comes to updates. At the moment, the update marked 19.30 is being tested, so developers have a lot of reserves.

Technical break for update 19.10.

The information about the new update is interesting because Epic used the city’s emote in its Twitter post. This is of course a direct reference to the Tilted Towers. So it looks like they can be expected tomorrow.

It is not yet known how long the update itself will take or how much it will weigh. It will turn out only around 4 AM ET. It is also worth remembering that the latest updates started with a slight delay.

So the patch can be introduced just like the previous ones, i.e. several dozen minutes after 4 AM ET.