New Hawkeye skins are also heading to Fortnite. Two skins and their cosmetic items

Many skins were decrypted at night, such as Green Goblin, Vi from LoL, and Hawkeye-inspired skins.

This particular collaboration has been known for a long time. Now the leakers show what the upcoming skins should look like. In addition to these, there are of course a lot of other cosmetic items, including the loading screen:

Hawkeye in Fortnite

Of course, the main course is the skins themselves. In addition to the loading screen, you can also expect backpacks and pickaxes.

The skins are neat and relatively simple:

They should appeal to people who value minimalism. They do not have too many details and their colors are very subdued.

As standard and with other skins, it is not known when they will be released.