Is it possible to eliminate Klombo? 100 Fortnite players focused on one goal, even Epic finds it funny

Klombo is a very interesting novelty in Fortnite. It is a huge dinosaur that, depending on the situation, can be either hostile or friendly.

Klombo actually appeared in Fortnite, although many people did not really want to believe in it. And yet in the game, you can meet a characteristic dinosaur. From the very moment of its appearance, players ask themselves one question – can it be eliminated, and what happens then?

It’s been a few days since the 19.10 update and it seems Epic likes Klombo very much, as it is either simply immortal or has a huge amount of HP.

100 players have tried

Youtuber Tabor Hill made the biggest attempt to eliminate Klombo. He organized 100 players whose only task was to shoot Klombo. After 10 minutes and all players were eliminated, it became clear that Klombo was immortal.


Players thought that maybe a tornado would cause Klombo to be eliminated. But no, the dinosaur doesn’t care about the weather changes or the tornado itself.


Funnily enough, even Epic contributed to the topic of Klombo not caring about a tornado.

It is very possible that the lack of the HP tab is not accidental. Klombo seems invulnerable to damage.