How will Epic weaken Spider-Man’s web-shooters in Fortnite 19.20 update? Less amount of uses

Epic has confirmed earlier information about the planned nerf of the web-shooters.

The update marked as 19.20 is currently being checked on test servers. This means it will be rolled out to the game next week. Not much is known about the update itself, but Epic has officially mentioned one change.

It’s about Spider-Man’s spider web-shooters. These will be changed, and more specifically Epic wants to weaken them by reducing the number of uses in competitive modes.

What will change?

As we read in the official note regarding today’s patch update, the shooters will have 20 uses, not 80:

In our v19.20 patch next week, we will be adjusting Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters to have 20 shots instead of 80 in competitive playlists. This lower count encourages players to make more strategic decisions about when to use the item, while retaining the item’s usefulness as a powerful mobility tool.

This change does not apply to normal modes. Thus, Epic divides the pool of items again in the competitive and regular modes. It is strictly about increasing the risk taken by players. Apparently, the shooters turned out to make players too mobile.