Half of Fortnite Season 1 is now over. You might be surprised seeing how well this season is doing

Although we had one update in Fortnite, in fact, half of the season has actually passed.

The current season in Fortnite is unique. Despite the fact that Epic introduced one major update, a lot has happened even without it. The season started with an event, and then new items were added every now and then.

People who really care about new cosmetic items may feel unsatisfied. Indeed, these were relatively few, considering the fact that we are already halfway through the season.

Half of the season has passed

Today is exactly 50% of the first season. There are only 53 days left to the end. Accordingly, the players made a comparison of the 2nd and 3rd chapters. Only here you can see how much Epic has improved.

Although the comparison is not fully right. Chapter 2 introduced:

  • Boats,
  • Swimming,
  • Fish,
  • “Bazooka” with bandages,
  • Fishing rods,
  • Items to upgrade items,
  • Lightsabers,
  • The mechanics of hiding,
  • Lobby with bots for new players.

The graphics are a big simplification, although in fact – more things have been added in Chapter 3 than in Season 1 of Chapter 2.