Fortnite players laugh that by this change saved the game from declines

Epic responded to player feedback and improved one thing. A normal person will never notice it, but there are people who pay attention to such things.

There are plenty of things in Fortnite that could be changed or improved. Meanwhile, the employees took on a very minor detail that practically no one will notice. Of course, it’s not that all the work on the game suddenly stopped, just to improve it, but actually, someone had to spend a moment of their time on it.

The issue here is the correction of one of the skins. It wasn’t even some big mistake, but the lack of a specific element. Now everything is in place, and players are laughing that now, thanks to this, Fortnite has definitely been saved.

What was changed?

One of the skins, specifically Padme, was suffering from a lack of fingernails. Somehow this was picked up.

Normally, skin repairs can take months, and here Epic has added the missing piece.

On the one hand, this speaks very well of the developers who listen to the community. On the other hand, players comment that there were, however, far more important issues that would have to be addressed.

Epic is a huge company, it was certainly easy to fix and didn’t require more than a few moments. However, it’s easy to see why it’s funny.