Epic is working on an updated temporary mode that will bring back old weapons

We mentioned a while ago that Epic completely ditched the development of temporary modes. And yet it turns out that the developers have some plans for it.

Temporary modes and their development has been completely stopped for the sake of creative mode. Epic just seems to recognize that players are making enough different good modes that developers don’t need to focus on them anymore.

But players made Epic aware that they wanted temporary, official, polished game modes that a lot of people would play on a daily basis. The developers seem to have listened to these requests.

Epic is working on several modes

HYPEX announces that Epic wants to restore the mode with the old weapons. Everyone knows this topic perfectly:

In addition, you can also expect other forms of gameplay that are known and liked by many:

Of course, the release date is unknown, as standard Epic can turn everything on today, as well as in a week or a month. Everything here depends on the creators themselves.