Epic is asking Fortnite players again how they rate the current state of the game. New polls

Epic asked players again how they rate the current state of Fortnite.

The developers of Epic periodically communicate with players through special polls that appear directly in the game. More and more players report that after the game is over, they are presented with such a poll.

This is one of two ways to get information from players, the other is to conduct much longer surveys directly through the website, the address of which the players get via email.

What is Epic asking about?

Developers are currently collecting information on topics such as:

  • HUD and interface,
  • the way Epic listens to players
  • team play,
  • cosmetic items,
  • the behavior of other players.

Do these types of polls mean Epic is thinking about changing the direction Fortnite is going? One could think so, but this is quite an overinterpretation. This is not the first time such polls appear in the game.

In this particular one, Cross-Play arouses the most controversies, which console players want to get rid of for good.