Epic has prematurely finished the Fortnite event. A few days before the scheduled end date

The Winterfest was completed yesterday. This is interesting because it was done a few days before the scheduled date.

The Winterfest was another event on Epic’s calendar that simply had to happen. Players picked up and can still pick up free items, and the whole event is rather positively perceived.

Meanwhile, a few days before the event was scheduled to end, Epic shut down everything.

And it was supposed to last a few more days

Official announcements said that the Winter Festival would last until January 3. Meanwhile, everything was shut down on December 27. Why?

This, unfortunately, is not known. Maybe Epic planned this from the beginning, only it was not sufficiently communicated. This is suspicious because even directly in the client it mentions gameplay elements that will be withdrawn on January 3.

Quite a strange situation, which at this point has no explanation. The simplest assumption, then, is that the developers simply changed their minds at some point and decided that maybe they had enough of the wintry atmosphere.