Epic Games CEO surprised Fortnite players with this post on the very end of 2022

Tim Sweeney, co-founder and current CEO of Epic Games, surprised gamers with his post about 2023.

Epic has several things that are still somewhat unexplained. Among them is the issue with Apple, which has been dragging on not for months, but for years. Now, apparently, players are in for a breakthrough, or possibly Tim is writing about something completely different.

His entry is quite mysterious. It’s hard to say if Epic has finally come to an agreement with Apple, or if something else has happened. Recall that in theory, Fortnite is still unavailable on Apple devices.

2023 will be a breakthrough on this issue?

Tim wrote briefly:

Only the CEO knows what he meant. It’s clear that speculation about the return of Fortnite on iOS began immediately, while at this point probably everyone has become accustomed to the fact that Fortnite is generally unavailable on Apple devices.