Epic continues to tease Fortnite players by using unavailable weapons in the latest trailer

Yesterday, a new item in the form of pizza was introduced to Fortnite. It turns out that there is an easter egg in the trailer.

Today a new item pack has arrived in Fortnite, which was “announced” yesterday by appearing on the trailer. A lot of people noticed this and they were indeed correct in expecting it to appear in the game soon.

Interestingly, the same trailer featured a weapon that is currently unavailable. This is another time that Epic shows it.

Will it end up in the game?

It is specifically a submachine gun that Epic uses very often in its promotional materials. This weapon has appeared many times in leaks.

Normally you might think this means that the pistol will appear in the game, but as history has shown, it is not so certain. Epic has done this once and so far hasn’t ended with a release of a submachine gun, at least not permanently.