Epic answers players who would like to add John Cena’s character to Fortnite. There is a chance for that

From the statements on Twitter, it can be concluded that something might be actually coming.

Since yesterday, it has been openly said on Twitter that John Cena will be added to Fortnite. More specifically, it is about the character he played. Most of this information has no substantiation whatsoever – where did it come from?

It is about the exchange of messages between Donald Mustard and the player and creator of the Peacemaker series.

John Cena’s character will appear in Fortnite?

It started with one player asking if Peacemaker could ever be in some way in Fortnite. The screenwriter of the series answered the question, saying that it all depends on Donald Mustard. So Mustard appeared in the conversation and, as always, he didn’t give a specific response.

Based only on this exchange of messages, it can be concluded that no steps have been taken in this direction yet, although the willingness to cooperate is on the part of both the creators of the series and Epic.

Speculating on a possible release date for such a skin is rather pointless, at least at this stage when nothing really is known yet. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time we have heard about this collaboration.

Leakers said a few months ago that there is a chance to introduce this skin – it turns out now that it was not exactly like that.