Another skin that gives an advantage? Players complain about it, though one feature of the cosmetic makes it hard to be unnoticed

There have been several cases in the history of Fortnite where Epic changed some skins or other cosmetic items.

So far, the biggest problem by far has been the superhero skins. In the right composition of colors, they became virtually unnoticeable, whether in the dark corners of the houses or in the middle of a snowy peak.

Now players are paying attention to a different skin that they believe gives an unfair advantage. It is specifically about a combination of colors, which, despite the fact that it shines, supposedly interferes in an even fight.

Will the skin be changed?

The whole discussion about possible changes took place on Reddit. There were 500 replies to the topic and everyone had a different opinion. Some believe that there is nothing wrong with this combination of colors, others complain that it is a huge problem.

Epic has not yet announced whether it is even interested in conducting any changes. After all, the skin shines and the whole case would probably end with enhancing this aspect the most.

Everything is in the hands of Epic right now. You can see that this issue strongly divided the community into two completely extreme camps. Hardly anyone talks about changing this combination. People either want it to be removed or just the opposite.