A new set of items in Fortnite. Epic has already revealed the skin for December

Epic has unveiled a new set of items that Fortnite players will get.

As it does every month, Epic again showed off earlier a special skin that will hit the accounts of players who pay a monthly subscription called Fortnite Crew Pack. It is a set of items that includes:

  • a sking,
  • a backpack,
  • a pickaxe,
  • a loading screen

In addition, players also receive bonus V-Bucks. All are included in the price of the package.

New Crew Pack for December 2022

The most important thing in all this, of course, is the skin itself. This one looks as follows:

Fortnite Joni the Red Outfit

The skin, along with items, will be added on December 1. Importantly, the skin will allow for some customization. As we read on Epic’s official website:

Go on the hunt in whatever fashion you see fit: you can toggle Joni the Red’s mask, glasses, and hairpins on or off in the Locker.