A large Fortnite collaboration that turned out to be a financial flop for Epic. What was the success?

Epic has had many different collaborations, some of them very successful, others not very popular.

Fortnite has changed a lot over the years. Epic has undertaken and still does a lot of collaborations and, as it happens, some of them do not come out very well. Of course, this is not about the actions that simply consisted in showing a movie.

Analysts took a closer look at Epic’s earnings from collaborations some time ago. It is interesting that one of the most famous actions turned out to be a financial flop.

Which ones were the worst?

Before we get into the worst collaborations, it’s worth taking a look at turned out really well. The greatest revenues were generated by cooperation with:

  • Marvel,
  • Star Wars,
  • NFL.

Then there is Travis Scott, Marshmello, or DC. Then a clear decline begins.

The last places are occupied by:

  • Ninja,
  • Nike,
  • Drake.

And finally Borderlands 3 – probably the biggest surprise for the whole list. In the end, this cooperation was heavily promoted, in addition to the skins, a special spot was also prepared that changed the graphic style of the entire Fortnite. And yet it turns out that the players were not necessarily interested in it.