A first look at “Grotto 2.0”. A new version of the Fortnite spot that many people liked

There are many different island changes to the game in Season 1 of Chapter 3.

Grotto was one of the more popular spots. Some people liked it so much that they made their return to Fortnite dependent on it. Now they should be happy because according to leakers Covert Canyon can be something like Grotto 2.0.

Leakers do not show the “center” of the spot yet, but we know what it will look like on the map. Does it say a lot? Probably not, but it shows that such a location will actually be in the game.

Grotto 2.0?

Of course, it is not known at the moment whether we are talking about the second version of Grotto or something else at all. The leakers themselves, however, suggest that it may be a new version of the old location, or at least created in a similar way.

You can clearly see that at some point a “hole” will appear on the map. What will be in it? Good question. In theory, the underground location, in practice, it remains to be seen.

Now all you have to do is wait. There are a whole lot of different spots in the files that will be introduced. Unfortunately, so far only their names are known, which does not say much.