2018’s mode is coming to Fortnite without building. Many “OG” people will surely be pleased

Soon a mode will be added to Fortnite without building, which surely many people remember and like.

If you haven’t played Fortnite for a long time, maybe this will convince you. Epic wants to bring that old atmosphere back to the game. Only thanks to the no-building mode. The different temporary modes from the old days are likely to be introduced sequentially.

And so it is known that Epic is working on adding a mode that originally came out in 2018. It was a subject of discussion many times over that it should stay forever.

Fortnite without building like the old Fortnite

According to leakers, Epic wants to introduce the “Brawl” to the mode without building. Let us remind you that these are clashes between two teams. Everyone knows this theme because it has been present in the game for almost 4 years, with small breaks. People liked this mode so much that it became permanent.

The first team to get 100 eliminations will get a Victory Royale in this Limited Time Mode.

There is absolutely no pressure on the result here. Many people used it once for a challenge, then for warming up.

It is expected that Epic will start bringing more of the old build modes to the “version” without building. Probably with each update there will be more and more information of this type.