Evercore Heroes – Release date, characters, is it PvE or PvP – all about the game by former Riot employees

It’s finally clear what the mysterious Project V that was announced by former Riot employees was.

Project V was finally revealed as Evercore Heroes. As expected, it will be a production based on the MOBA formula. The difference is that you will have to compete against a total of 3 other teams at any one time. Indeed, the total number of teams in a match is to be 4.

Interestingly, however, the developers describe it as PvE, not pure PvP. Also interesting is the explanation of the division into 4 teams. According to the developers, you then lose only 25% of the time, so the annoyance of the gameplay itself is less.

The release date is not yet confirmed, but it is known that it will definitely be in 2023. Of course, in line with recent trends, Evercore Heroes will be available for free in a Free2Play model.

Evercore Heroes is an interesting new production

The game itself promises to be really good. We have already received the first set of characters and animations. You can see that people with experience are making it, so expectations are very high.


At this point, several characters are known. They are:









There will be a lot more characters, as can be seen at least from the official website. Looking at the game’s screenshots and short excerpts, you can see that this is done by people who have already worked on something similar.

Now we have to wait for the official launch. This one is expected to take place next year.