Ban for Twitch streamer for a dress under which she had nothing

To ease the tense atmosphere on Twitch, one of the streamers got banned for her outfit. This time it was about a dress.

We have already stopped mentioning bans for inappropriate attire of pool streamers. These are banned literally every day for all sorts of mishaps. This streamer is a different case. She wore a dress that in theory covered everything.

But only in theory, because in practice the dress violated Twitch regulations. All because the streamer didn’t wear anything underneath. This is interesting because many girls don’t wear bras on streams, so it was probably all about the bottom part.

If you identify as a woman, you must have your ni**les covered. We do not allow exposed breasts to be shown. Cleavage is allowed as long as it meets the requirements of covering up.

Ban for a dress

The streamer was punished mildly, as it is a ban for just one day. There is no question of any perma ban here. On the other hand, it is interesting that Twitch decided to impose a block at all.

The ban was probably imposed for the waistline, although the ni**ples and their outline are very much visible here. The clip gained more than 200,000 views before being banned, and it’s rather easy to understand why.


Now the question is whether female streamers need to be more on their guard, or whether Twitch may have been referring to the complete lack of underwear.