The prettiest girls watching CSGO Major in Rio quickly went viral

Nobody cares about great plays these days. The most popular CS:GO-related Twitch shots are of girls watching a Major in Rio.

Being in the audience of CS:GO tournaments can be quite… problematic. Especially for women. The cameramen are very fond of showing them, and clips with them achieve great popularity. This time there was so much of it that whole compilations were made of it.

Many of them have become viral, much more popular than the clips with the plays. Why? Mainly because it reaches people not strictly connected with CS:GO, but with games in general.

The prettiest girls at the Rio Major

Many YouTubers published individual clips, while some of them combined everything into one and it looks like this:

Opinions about this vary widely. Some comment that there is nothing wrong with it, while others point out that it nevertheless shows what the CS:GO community is like now and what actually matters for players.